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Weekend inspirations #9

sweet weekend inspirations

Hello lovelies, I am back for the traditional weekend inspirations. I guess you are all waiting impatiently for the holidays to arrive! I am so exhausted right now. This year has been going so fast. Its insane! Anyway, today is a litlle  special since I am in the mood for love and I wanted to share some of my favorite love quotes!  Continue reading

{Weekend Inspiration} #1

YSL lipstick

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had great sunday. Today, after spending a few hours in bed, I joined a friend of mine for some girly talk over a nice chocolat chaud and some macarons at Carette. This is such an iconic place in Paris. The shop is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere perfectly suits the savory delights they offer. It is the perfect spot for a sweet sunday afternoon with your girlfriends.

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{Fashion} Chic, Warm & Comfy

Nicole Warne Turtleneck and green skirt and louboutin

It is absolutely freezing in Paris right now. I’d rather spend all day in my bed binge watching Gossip Girl or Downton Abbey with a hot cup of tea. Unfortunately, I have to go outside and it terrifies me. I try to layer as much as I can and I always end up looking like a snowmen: the beanie, the chunky scarf, the big coat, the boots, etc…

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{Paris} Vintage & Glamourous


Today’s inspiration is a vintage, sophisticated and glamourous Paris. At a time when no woman would have been caught dead outside her house without being properly groomed. At a time when grace and elegance were considered a virtue. A golden era when you could wear a veiled hat without risking the surprised look of the people on the street.

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