My selection of the most perfect hair bangs

the perfect hair bangs

Hello lovelies! Today I have a confession to make: hair bangs don’t suit me at all. I tried wearing them many many times, thinking that this time it would look nice on me. BUT NOPE. They just don’t work on me. Probably because I have such a small face. They make my nose look very big and I just look like a cheap version of Cleopatra.

The fact that I used to cut them by myself was probably not helping. I always wanted the thick straight bangs that arrived right above the eyes. So one time I cut them too short and ended up with bangs stopping at the middle of my forehead. I looked like I escaped from a Middle Ages movie! It was so horrible I decided I would never go for bangs again.

Of course a few month later I decided to give it a shot one last time at hair dresser and I tried something less risky: the side swept bangs. I thought they would nicely frame my face and give me a romantic, mysterious look. BUT NOPE. It still didn’t work.

So now I have to admit, once and for all, that bangs are simply not for me! It makes me sad because I really love this hair style! Just like having very long hair. But that is another thing that doesn’t become me (sigh…). By the way, did you notice that I cut my hair into a long bob in my latest outfit post? It just looks better on me and it is way better than when I had long hair.

Anyway, the other day I was scrolling through Pinterest, as usual, and I found the prettiest pictures of hair bangs. If I can’t wear them I can at least share with you styles that love. Here’s a little selection of messy hair styles with beautiful bangs.

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Hair Bangs and bows

hair bangs kirsten dunst

Lea seydoux hair bangs

Long and straight hair bangs

long straight blind eyes hair bangs

Messy blond hair and hair bangs

Short hair and hair bangs

Wavy hair bangs

hair Bangs and bob

60s hair bangs


Images: via Pinterest

8 thoughts on “My selection of the most perfect hair bangs

  1. Oh mon dieu je ss mdr,tu m’as bien fait rire je te jure ;)
    J’ai aussi tentée
    Les 2 premières fois par mes soins dont la deuxième super ratée car comme toi trop courte, j’avais juste hâte que ca pousse la 1ère j’ai eu un coup de bol je pense et grâce au fait que j’avais les cheveux dégradé super long je ressemblais à nancy ajram dans un de ses clips j’étais flattée ahahaha
    la 3e fois chez ma coiffeuse c’était presque reussi mais ça m’a donnée un air de gentille petite fifille un peu à la charlotte aux fraises mouahahaha à 26 ans (de l’époque) c pas le top
    voilà l’aveu est fait
    Tt comme toi je ne pense pas que ça aille à tout le monde :*)
    bisous ma belle

    1. Je suis pas la seule à avoir eu des mésaventures avec la frange hein?! lol C’est vrai que ça rajeunit bcp la frange aussi. Tu pourras faire ç a 50 ans pour parraitre plus jeune ;)

  2. I’m the same :))) I’ve had bangs a couple of times and sometimes I’m tempted to go back, but my fiancé hates them! :)))) Also they are very high maintenance on my hair type and I must admit that I look better without ;) I do love them on someone that wears them well! :)

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