New shoes cure the blues

  You know what I mean right? When you come across the most exquisite shoes ever and you must have them because you know your soul need them (#shallow)? Well that’s exactly what happened when my path crossed these gorgeous heels. I was in some random outlet shopping area in the north of France when… Read More New shoes cure the blues


Flare or Skinny?

For the last 10 years, the skinny jeans have been an essential part of my wardrobe. Since the day they entered my life, I have not worn anything else. Does anyone remember the kind of jeans that we wore before 2006? I just can’t! Today, even though they have slightly evolved and I almost always… Read More Flare or Skinny?

Interior Design

The perfectly chic Parisian apartment

I have always dreamt about living in a beautiful Haussmannian apartment with high ceilings, lots space and beautiful golden details. Ideally, it would be located near to my favorite places like the Louvre or Saint-Germain. I would decorate it with taste: it would be chic and eclectic.