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{Inspirational Monday} Follow your dreams

dont be scared follow your dreams

Hello ladies, I hope your week is starting well. Today is “Inspirational Monday” and I would like to share some food for thoughts. Today is also a very special day since I just started a new job! A job that, I hope, will help me get closer to my dreams.

believe in yourself

Since I left that job in finance 2 years ago, I began my quest for the ideal job. I think it is healthy to make a pause and reflect on your life on a regular basis. I’ve been searching since then by reading books, hiring a coach, going to seminars and conferences etc. And only now am I starting to understand who I really am and what kind of job really fits my personality.

Chase your dreams

When I was in College, I followed the crowd and believed that if I worked in the most prestigious and high paying job out there I would be happy. Unfortunately, I was not. It took me almost four years to realize how draining that job was. I am a creative person, I like to talk to people and connect with them, I love collaborating and I have an eye for beautiful things: this is not what you would expect from someone working in finance.

If you are a regular reader of Quintessence Parisienne, you know that I have decided to start this blog as a way to share my passion for all things pretty because art and beauty make me happy. The thing is, since then, it’s like I have found myself. I have discovered that I really love digital marketing, that interior design is really something that I should consider as a career and that I should keep on drawing and painting.

I am just a beginner in all of the above mentioned topics but I feel like my life is richer now than it was before. I used to do nothing but work, sleep and watch tv shows but now I have so many passions I don’t know where to begin!

Do more than just exist

So after many readings, I have decided to set up a goal: I want to live off my passions.  I know that this won’t happen overnight but I am convinced that if I visualize my dream properly, set up an action plan and work well I will achieve this goal. And you know what the funny thing is? Even though it sounds like a long way to go, I am finally enjoying the process because now I have a goal and a plan that really is in line with my soul, with the “real me”, not a fantasy of who I should be. All I have to do now is to follow through and not give up.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

It takes courage to follow your dreams. A lot of people would be scared of leaving a high paying job for something so uncertain. But I am convinced that happiness only comes from being true to yourself.

Turn your dreams into plans

For the coming weeks / months, I hope to share with you my journey toward my goal. In the meantime, I would love to hear about your goals and your dreams! Please share your thoughts below in the comments or on facebook, twitter or instagram. I would love to hear from you!

Bisous Bisous


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5 thoughts on “{Inspirational Monday} Follow your dreams

  1. je me suis retrouvée à travers ton article Rhizlaine, j’ai enfin compris enfin y a un petit temps ce que je voulais vraiment, j’ai une âme d’artiste ;) et je ne me voyais pas poursuivre ma vie 5 jours sur 7 derrière le pc à gérer l’administration et à faire des bilan … il a fallu que je traverse une période vraiment difficile pour m’en rendre compte, bon c’est pas encore tt à fait finit mais grâce à dieu j’y vois plus claire et je sais que si je le veux je le pourrai. je te souhaite tt le meilleure à venir Inchallah ;)

    1. Souvent c’est quand on touche le fond qu’on se réveille! C’est la qu’on se rend compte que les moments difficiles sont nécessaires aussi pour avancer! L’important c’est de continuer à se connaitre soi même et faire des choses qui soient en adéquation avec qui on est vraiment et pas une image fantasmée de nous même… En tout cas merci pour tes encouragements! Et je te souhaite également bcp de réussite dans tes futurs projets !! :)

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