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{Home} 8 tips to style your dressing table

how to style your dressing table

Hello loves, I hope you are doing well! This week, I am back with a subject that I love: the dressing table! I would love to have one but my place is too small for the moment.

I love how glamorous it feels to have a place dedicated for beauty, a feminine corner designed just for the sake of taking care of yourself. It really is my dream to have a beautiful vanity one day. But dreaming is not enough and after gathering dozens of pictures of beautiful vanity tables, I decided to share with you some tips on how to style this pretty space.

In order to style a dressing table you have to consider two things: practicality and look. The dressing table is supposed to be both functional and pretty. So here you go: 8 tips to style your vanity!

1. Use a beautiful table

Depending on your taste, you can chose a simple white table or something more sophisticated like a mirrored vanity, given the fact that the latter requires much more maintenance (hello finger prints marks!!). I personally prefer the white version since it allows you to be very creative on the choice of decor.

White dressing table ikea vanity

Mirrored vanity dressing table

Beige dressing table

2. Use a stuffed vanity chair

For your comfort and to give a luxurious vibe to your vanity you should always chose a beautiful stuffed chair or stool and not an office chair (with the wheels!). It will give a more refined and polished look to the ensemble.

Beautiful chair and mirrored vanity table

All white dressing table with baby blue chair

3. Have a big pretty mirror 

Of course, there can be no vanity without a mirror! A beautiful mirror is a great decor element that can add something special to your vanity. I personally love a good vintage Barroque mirror. Especially when mixed with more modern elements.

Mirror with pearls

Beautiful mirror for vanity dressing table

4. Good lighting is key

Since this is the place where you will do most of your skin care and make up routine, having a good lighting is key. You don’t want to end up with too much blush on your cheeks because it is too dark to see what you’re doing! So a local lighting with two lamps, one on each side, is essential.

White dressing table vanity

5. Makeup and Perfume organizer

When styling your dressing table you have to be careful to put the products that you use most within hand reach so it is really important to think about how you perform your morning routine. Transparent boxes are a must since it allows you to see all of your make up without searching through all kind of makeup bags. As for the perfumes, do not hesitate to display them on pretty trays: it gives a neat aspect to your table while adding a touch of decor.

Vanity tray perfume

makeup organizer vanity

Vanity makeup organisation

6. Display your jewelry 

I know that if I hide my jewelery in boxes, I won’t wear them! If I don’t see them I simply forget them. This why displaying your jewelery on simple trays or in tranparent boxes, is the perfect way to change your accessories everyday! Plus they’re so pretty to look at!

Jewelery display

Small box jewelery organizer

7. Display some art to inspire you

I personnaly love a nice quote to motivate me every morning! But you can use anything as long as you think it is pretty or inspiring. After all this is your space!

Art quote

8. Flowers Flowers Flowers!

You probably know now I much I love flowers: always a must to make anyplace look pretty!

Flowers and chanel vanity

Flower vase jewelry

Voilà! I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestion on how to style a dressing table. I am always looking for good ideas!

Bisous Bisous


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Images: Architectural Digest, @emeliesplace1, Pink Peonies, Marcus Design, Heenans Home Furnishings, Pinterest

11 thoughts on “{Home} 8 tips to style your dressing table

  1. Superbe article, J’ai le mm soucis avec mes bijoux, j’ai déjà acheté qq outils de rangement on va dire pour les bijoux mais je n’ai pas pensé à qq chose de transparent ça peut être super chou comme sur la photo ;) merci pour le post j’y referai un tour c’est sûr.

    1. Oui les boites transparentes c’est bien pour les bijoux! Parce que sinon je les range dans des boites et je les oublie! Contente que l’article t’ai plu! :)

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