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Glitter decorations for a festive house

glitter decorations

Hello hello lovelies! What a great Saturday it is in Paris today! So sunny and not that cold! How about some home decor inspirations? December is the month of sparkling celebrations and presents. What better way to give a festive touch to your house than by adding glitter decorations here and there?

Glitters are usually associated with weddings. They can be used for beautiful centerpieces or other elements of decoration and make the atmosphere so enchanting! For my francophone readers, you can read this article about glitter decorations at weddings by my blogging friend’s Stylish Atelier. She discusses the different ways to use them in the most beautiful way.

Of course, there’s no reason we cannot use glitter decorations at our houses. However, as with any strong pattern, the key is to use it wisely. One shouldn’t go overboard with too much glitters unless you want your living room to look like it was decorated by Barbie herself!

In the pictures below, glitter decorations are used is small touches, with pillows, mason jars or paintings. I love how they add a touch of fun in a very elegant way. The color pattern should be associated carefully. Golden glitters for example, are absolutely perfect with my favorite color: PINK!

Glitter and flowers

gold glitter mason jar

Glitter and sequin pillows

glitter plants pot

glitter pots and candles
pink glitter pillows

touch of gold art painting

soft pink pillows sofa

I hope you enjoyed this little selection! Share your ideas with me on how to add a festive touch in your house!

Bisous Bisous


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6 thoughts on “Glitter decorations for a festive house

  1. oh j’adore les coussins tt rose tt brillant!!!
    superbe sélection ma belle et merci de me mentionner, j’ai été vite relire mon article et oh mon dieu c’était vraiment mes débuts ou j’écrivais sans respirer, j’ai vite apporté qq modification afin de faciliter la lecture aux lectrices ;)
    bisous ma belle

    1. lol “écrire sans respirer” j’adore l’expression lol! je suis contente que ça te plaise. Il me semblait que tu avais écris un article sur ce thème du coupe je suis allée fouiner! bisous

  2. Quelle jolie sélection !! Coup de coeur pour les vases, c’est vrai que le rose et le doré vont parfaitement ensemble.

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