How to dress like the amazing Olivia Palermo? #2

How to dress like Olivia Palermo outfit 2 bis

Olivia Palermo is my ultimate style Icon and, therefore, she deserves an entire category to study her style. You can see my first article about her, in my fist episode of “Dress like Olivia Palermo”. 

Hello lovelies! My first article about Olivia Palermo was a huge hit. I can see I am not the only one to be utterly obsessed with her! This week, I am back with an outfit that Olivia wore when she was in Paris last winter for the opening of the Jeanne Lanvin’s exhibition.

Olivia Palermo: The outfit of the day

Today’s outfit is the quintessence of what Olivia does best: utterly chic with a small dose of nonchalance. Our It Girl is wearing a Tibi turtleneck tucked into a gorgeous high-waisted Dior tweed skirt, a Dior cuff and Francesco Russo raised back pumps. A very elegant outfit as usual Miss Palermo!

Olivia Palermo Dior Tibi Lanvin

Olivia Palermo Johanes Huebl

How to recreate Olivia Palermo’s look?

Before introducing the shopping selection, here are some tips to make this outfit work for you because perfection lies in small details.

What makes this outfit work is the perfect combination of sophistication and casualness.

The turtleneck

  • As you can see from the pictures, the turtleneck should be slightly oversized. You should probably wear it one size above your usual size. This is what gives the cool and nonchalant touch to the outfit.
  • Also, make sure the turtleneck is in a thin fabric so you can easily tuck it into the skirt.

The skirt

  • The skirt should be high-waisted to define your waistline and the hemline should arrive at the knee or below. It shouldn’t be too short otherwise you’ll lose the lady like effect of the skirt.
  • Besides, the skirt is wrapped with large pockets which give a sexy and relaxed style to the ensemble.

The accessories

  • When it comes to accessories: keep it simple! She is wearing a statement bracelet and that’s it! No necklace, no statement earrings, not even a watch. One item is enough!
  • The pumps are elegant and simple, keep them that way.

The hair and makeup

  • Style your hair in a messy way to tone down this very polished look.
  • Keep your make-up simple and fresh: nude lipstick, a touch of blush and a little bit of mascara.

Now let’s shop like Olivia Palermo!

I have searched for items that would look similar to Olivia’s look. Of course, nothing looks exactly the same but it gives you an idea of what you can do at a much more affordable price!

how to dress like olivia palermo

Turtleneck – Zara – 25,95€ / Leather skirt – Asos – 131€ / Embellished pumps – House of Fraser – 109€ / Black and Gold purse – Zara – 39,95€ / Bracelet – Asos – 20,99€

I really hope you enjoyed this article! Do not hesitate to share it with your friends! And if you want me to analyze a specific look of Olivia please let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “How to dress like the amazing Olivia Palermo? #2

  1. I love your blog and your articles are always super interesting !! Elf Cheers for QP !! <3

  2. joli look dans l’ensemble, cependant je n’accroche pas trop avec le pull, soit c’est la matière ou comment il tombe sur elle, jsais pas, je le changerai bien, peut-être une plus grosse maille, c juste mon humble avis ma belle tu diras à Olivia de ne pas se froisser mouahahaha
    Sinon ta sélection rien à dire top comme d’hab

    1. Lol je lui dirais c’est ma pote. C’est des idées après chacun peut adapter. Faut juste faire attention à ce que la mail ne soit pas trop épaisse pour que ça ne fasse pas bizarre une fois rentré dans la jupe! bisous

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