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Flare or Skinny?


For the last 10 years, the skinny jeans have been an essential part of my wardrobe. Since the day they entered my life, I have not worn anything else. Does anyone remember the kind of jeans that we wore before 2006? I just can’t!

Today, even though they have slightly evolved and I almost always wear them ripped, I realize that I have a hard time wearing another jean style. At some point, I remember that the 70s flare jeans with the very wide bottom attempted a comeback. But I have never worn them beyond the fitting rooms.

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I don’t like being photographed


I know it’s pretty ironic for a fashion blogger, isn’t it? But it’s the truth, I am not comfortable at all in front of a camera. This is the reason why I have waited a few months before showing my face on the blog. In fact, it’s pretty simple, whenever I have to pose, I just feel clumsy and stiff. You may ask why I am talking about this now! Well, last Monday, I was at the photo shoot of the ready to wear collection of Sakina Paris (you can find previous articles about her here and here) in a Parisian studio with two gorgeous models. And I was literally hypnotized by them. Beyond their beauty and superb figure, what hit me was their natural ease in front of the camera and the perfect harmony with the photographer. They were so charismatic! (I also loved Sakina’s collection but I will tell you more about it later!)

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Autumn reflections


Audrey Hepburn once said « Paris is always a good idea » and I couldn’t agree more. Autumn is officially here, leaves are slowly turning yellow and he weather is getting chilly. The light in Paris is even more beautiful. You have no idea how much I love this time of the year! It is time to wear soft little sweaters, drink some tea while watching Downton Abbey on Sunday afternoons and have long walks at the Jardin des Tuileries.

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