{Beauty} My pamper routine at the hammam

pamper routine at hammam

Bonjour lovely readers! I recently decided to enjoy a pamper day with two of my girlfriends. In a period of seasonal transition, I love starting fresh which means having a complete day dedicated to making myself beautiful and the best place to do that for me is the hammam!

The hammam is a steam room where people used to go to cleanse themselves in some Arabic countries like Morocco because, back then, many people didn’t have hot water at home. Nowadays, people do have hot water, however; they still want to enjoy all the benefits of the hammam both on the physical and mental state.

I love going to the hammam because it brings many benefits to my skin and my hair and I always feel very relaxed afterward. The hot steam relaxes the whole body and I just feel totally high after a good hammam.

So I wanted to share with my usual hammam routine to make the most out of it!

Pick the right hammam

Before anything else, you have to pick the right hammam because it will determine how good the experience will be. Don’t hesitate to look at reviews on the internet or ask people because you don’t want to go to a place that is dirty or where people are rude. It would totally ruin your moment.

In Paris, I like to go to Hammam Pacha because the people are nice (except for one lady), it is very clean and very beautiful.

The beautiful "Mild" room of the Pacha
The beautiful “Mild” room of the Pacha
The beautiful "Mild" room of the Pacha
The beautiful “Mild” room of the Pacha

Be organized

The day before, I gather all the stuff I will need:  the beauty products, the flip flops, the hair dryer etc… I prepare two beauty pouches: one for the products I am going to use inside the steam room and one for the products I am going to use when I am back in the changing room.

Upon arrival, I go to the changing room, where I undress to stay in my bathing suit, which I put on in the morning. I take my flip flops, the pareo provided by the hammam to sit on it and one of my beauty pouch.

The changing room
The changing room

Apply the black soap

In a hammam, there are usually at least 2 rooms: one mild hot and one super-hot. As I enter the first room, I start by taking a quick hot shower and apply the black soap that is provided by the hammam, all over my body. I leave it there for about 10 minutes and then rinse it a little. The soap will facilitate the exfoliation of the skin.

Take care of face and hair

In the meantime, I start exfoliating my face, on which I didn’t apply black soap, with a Konjac sponge that I bought from Sephora. I will write a full article about this sponge soon :)

Then, I start applying oils on my hair and my face. For my hair I use black cumin oil on the scalp to soothe it and help hair growth. Then, I apply broccoli and almond oil throughout the hair for a nourishing and shining effect. I finish with my face by applying a mix of coconut oil for hydration and tomato seed oil for a glowing skin.

oils and Konjac sponge

Enjoy the hottest room

I then enter the very hot room, where I start massaging my hair scalp and my face to make the oils work. Being in a hot steamed environment boosts the benefits of these oils. Then I lie on of the bench and enjoy the moment.

At hammam Pacha, the very hot room is darkened and smells like Eucalyptus which is sooo relaxing. When it feels too hot, I step outside for a minute or two and then go back inside the hot room again.

The very hot room
The very hot room
The very hot room
The very hot room

Have a good scrubbing

After 30 minutes in and out of that room, the scrubbing lady takes me to a corner of the mild hot room and asks me to lie flat on my back. The lovely lady uses an exfoliating glove and starts scrubbing. And then the gross part begins! Dead skin actually starts to strip of off me! Ewwww! When she is done I take another shower to get rid of all the dead skin. And I can now enjoy the small swimming pool! We usually sit in the swimming pool and chat with my friends for another hour!

Take a final shower

Before leaving, I take a final shower with shampoo and soap etc,: all the things that I do for a usual shower.  At that point, I feel clean and fresh. I take all of my stuff and go back to the changing room.

shower products
I ran out of shampoo !! I have to go buy some!

Final relaxation

When I go to the changing room, I take my other beauty pouch and head to the relaxation room. There, we just enjoy the moment while applying all the creams on our face and body while sipping a delicious Moroccan tea. I can sit there for hours, ushering with my girlfriends. The relaxation room of the Pacha is so beautiful and calming!

The relaxation room
The relaxation room

Creams and deodorant

After that I put on my clothes, apply a touch of make-up, quickly dry my hair and I am ready to go. Then we usually go to the Pain Quotidien for a delicious organic brunch to end this perfect moment!

I hope you enjoyed reading my pamper routine. I am a huge fan of the hammam and I love spending time there with my girlfriends. If you have never tried the hammam before you really should give it a shot. I promise you will not regret it! Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comment section below if you have never been to a hammam before. I know it can be quite intimidating the first time!

Bisous Bisous


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Picture of the hammam were taken from Hammam Pacha’s website

Other pictures are mine

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your amazing routine. I think I should apply oils in the hamam like you, actually I’ve never thought about it…
    my experience is coming soon which is not that different from yours
    bisous ma belle

    1. Thank you girl!! Yes oils are extremely good in the hammam because the hot steam will help the product penetrate your skin ;) I can’t wait to read your routine! bisous

  2. J’aime beaucoup ce hammam également ! C’est beau, propre, apaisant, l’endroit idéal pour passer un bon moment de relaxation. Super article :)

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