{Beauty} Messy Hair

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The typical Parisienne is known for her slightly undone, casual, effortlessly chic look. Think Emmanuelle Alt, Clémence Poesy, Caroline de Maigret… It’s all about looking like “you woke up like this” (#flawless) but not disheveled or sloppy. This, ladies and gentleman, is an art. An art that I do not master, unfortunately. Whenever I try to look like Clémence Poesy, I always end up looking like I haven’t showered in days.

When it comes to hair, there are so many ways to wear this style: long wavy hair tucked in a turtleneck, messy ponytail, bun or side braid, short bob… The secret is to have gorgeous healthy hair and a flawless skin. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you literally just rolled out of bed.

And you? Have you ever managed to pull of this edgy look successfully?

Bangs and liner

Braid and Kristen Dunst

Black and white messy hair

Clemance poesy and long messy hair

Caroline de Maigret

Clemence Poesy and romantic earings

Diane Kruger

Kristina Bazan Blond messy Hair

Heavy bangs messy hair

Honey messy hair nude makeup

Messy Bun on the side

Lea Seydoux messy hair

Messy Bun

Loose braid and lace

Messy hair on the side

Messy blond bun and bobby pin

Messy rock bands

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Short and messy

Messy dark hair and heavy liner

Short Messy Hair

Messy hair and soft lipstick

Sienna Miller long messy hair

Turtleneck and messy hair

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      1. Ah tu parles français alors :) Je me disais justement que si tu étais française tu parlais sacrément bien anglais. En fait je pensais que tu étais une américaine fan de Paris :)

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